20. R-Tech

Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies GmbH is a private company, active in the area of risk technologies and risk management, providing related services, R&D and products. R-Tech leads or participates in a large number of national, international and EU projects. R-Tech is an SME and it was established in 2007. R-Tech is an independent member of Steinbeis Group, established in 1971, and is an independent founding member of the EU-VRi (European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management EEIG and an independent member of KMM-VIN (European Virtual Institute on Knowledge-based Multifunctional Materials AISBL). Main application areas of R-Tech competencies are in the areas of assessment, analysis and management of technical risks, integrating these aspects other aspects, such as business, financial, organizational, IT and human behavior related ones. All the tools and supporting databases are web-based.

All the above activities are complemented by activities and efforts in the areas of standardization and education. R-Tech has, e.g., coordinated the work on producing the CEN document on Risk-based inspection and Maintenance CWA 15740:2008 and has lead theeducational projects in the area of industrial safety.