17. TenCate


TenCate is a multinational company that combines textile technology with related chemical processes. We develop and produce specialist materials with specific properties. Protective materials for fire-fighting clothing, and strong, lightweight materials in aircraft are good examples of these, as are materials that block UV radiation for applications like tentcloth and awnings. TenCate’s activities can be divided into four areas of application: (i) safety and protection, (ii) aerospace, (iii) sport and recreation, (iv) infrastructure and the environment. TenCate Aerospace Composites evolved into one of the innovative technology and manufacturing leaders supplying advanced composite materials for structural and semistructural components as well as interior applications. The company produces continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic prepregs, laminates and sandwich panels, thermoset adhesives, cyanate ester and epoxy resin systems and syntactic foams. These materials offer quality solutions to a variety of applications in commercial and military aerospace, industrial and medical applications, microwave and RF communications and electronics.