Fibroline France, located in Ecully near Lyon, has pioneered a radical new manufacturing approach to composites and fibre reinforced materials in general. Its revolutionary dry powder impregnation technology greatly reduces the direct materials cost and the ecological footprintin composites manufacture, and enables the development of new products with specific functionalities and material characteristics.

Fibroline is an engineering company, and the main objective of the company is to market the process through license agreements (exclusive or non exclusive) with industrial partners for particular applications and territories. Fibroline has however also the possibility to produce tailor made products and semi-products (such as GMT, cosmetic pads…) for niche markets or pilot production. This process uses a high voltage generator to electrically charge powder particles in an AC current field, and distributes them throughout any kind of porous structure (nonwoven, fabrics, foams etc.). The types of powder include thermoplastics, thermosets as well as carbon black and a broad range of additives and functional powders.