CIMNE is a research organization in Barcelona, Spain. CIMNE was created in 1987 as a Consortium between the Catalan Government and the Technical University of Catalonia. CIMNE is an autonomous RTD centre. CIMNE employs some 180 scientists and engineers from different technical fields and nationalities specialised in the development and of numerical methods to a wide class of engineering problems. Among others the research activities of CIMNE cover the development of innovative constitutive models for composite materials and structures, new numerical methods for non linear analysis and safety studies of structures. In the last twenty two years CIMNE has taken part in over 900 RTD projects with over 200 companies and organizations. The outcome of the research is recorded in over 1200 scientific publications, technical reports and educational software codes published by CIMNE. CIMNE received one of the 2002 IST Awards for a new software product named GiD.