Buildair is an international firm with Headquarters in Barcelona, Spain and offices in Asia, Latin America and the United States. Over a decade specialized in the design, engineering and construction of inflatable buildings, portable hangars, pneumatic fast deployment bridges, temporary facilities and domes for leisure and events. Buildair ingeniería y Arquitectura, S.A. Specialists in covering large scale space.
Great experience behind an enormous variety of developments in the field of pneumatic engineering. Inflatable tents, pneumatic structures, pavilions, inflatable enclosures, inflatable covers, portable hangars, inflatable structures and many other projects in which textile engineering, security and Image are essential. The most advanced technology in the design and construction of inflatable and pneumatic projects. Our constant research & development effort has allowed us to find many different innovative applications of pneumatic technology for the covering of temporary large scale locations, facilities and events. Buildair's technology is the Safe Alternative that enables our clients with the technology to secure and meet their space covering requirements with fast and easy deployment structures, increasing their social impact, branding and Corporate Image reach.