The Advanced Composites Centre for Innovation and Science (ACCIS) is a cross-faculty centre based at the University of Bristol, between the Engineering, Chemistry and Physics Schools. ACCIS hosts 3 University Technical Centres (UTC) with Rolls-Royce plc, GE Aviation and Agusta Westland in the areas of composites development and manufacturing, structural integrity and dynamics/vibrations. Other major programs in the area of advanced composites are the Airbus Bristol-Bath Strategic Partnership (8 PhDs), Great Western Research (15 PhDs), collaborations with EADS Innovation Works, BAE Systems and Vestas.
ACCIS has state-of-the-art uniaxial and multiaxial testing machines, impact rigs, contact and noncontact vibration equipment (speckle and Laser Doppler interferometry), SEM andviscoanalysers to process and evaluate polymers and metals. The manufacturing capabilitiesare provided by RTM equipment and compression moulding (rated to 5000 C), honeycomb routing, classical composite lay-ups with autoclave processing (manual and automatic).

Simulation capabilities are provided by workstations multiprocessor grids with all the major commercial FE codes and numerical packages.